Chapter 28: Fun In The Sun and Goth Baby

The first day of summer, and November is spending it on her computer, writing. Sarah has decided to the start the day off with a much deserved relaxing bath. Cherry is getting a jump start on her school work. Sarah and Cherry are trying out the new swing set. And it’s the triplets breakfast time. […]

Chapter 27: Sarah and Cherry’s Day At The Park

The weekend is upon us once again and it’s the last day of Spring. Cherry is starting the day off with potty training and at this point, she’s totally over it. Sarah is eating breakfast before getting dressed and taking Cherry to the park. Cherry is enjoying the dollhouse. While Sarah has a go at […]

Chapter 26: Love Day and The Feng’s Freedom

It’s Love Day… and early this morning November gave birth to triplets, Alexis, Abigail and Adrien. Sarah here is working on her charisma skills before leaving for school. November has wasted no time in inviting Mortimer over and well she’s pregnant again already. After Mortimer left, November decided to go into Windenburg today and introduced […]

Chapter 25: Three A’s and Three Babies??

It’s Monday morning here in Willow Creek… And Sarah didn’t do her homework yesterday so she got up at 6am to complete it. Once the kids had left for school, all hoping for A’s, November got up and decided to do some painting. Cherry also woke up and demanded breakfast. She was angry before she […]

Chapter 24: Lots of Hobbies and Meeting Morti

It’s the weekend in Willow Creek and November is playing some chess… by herself. Monty is chatting to some friends online and taking selfies. Oh Monty, what happened to you? Maddie on the other hand is missing her older sisters so has decided to play video games with them online. Sarah is playing on the […]

Chapter 23: Back Again and Maisy’s Cat

The 100 Baby Challenge is back again… and begins with the Feng twins doing homework. Sarah is making friends online, and Inquisitive Cherry is working on her imagination skill. Sarah and Maddie are having dinner. Then challenge each other to a video gaming match. November has decided to try out Daisy’s old piano. She needs […]

Chapter 22: Tiny Tot and Too Many A’s

Back in the Blue house, it’s Monday morning… And Breakfast is served. November is stocking up the fridge. She has mastered the Cooking skill already. It takes a lot of food to feed all these kids. Monty and Maddie are wishing each other good luck at school today, they are both hoping for A’s. Cherry […]

Chapter 21: Kissing A Vampire

It’s Sunday evening and a lot can happen in an evening … Monty and Maddison are working on their extra credit for school. November has gone for an evening jog. Maisy, with the help of Sarah, are doing her school project of building a volcano. Daisy has decided to learn piano, enough said. Baby Cherry […]

Chapter 20: Out For Dinner

It’s Sunday morning in the Blue Household … Breakfast has been served and Sarah is telling Daisy some of her jokes. I don’t think she finds them very funny. Maddie is playing video games, she takes after her older brother. Monty is … making another mess outside. Why do they keep doing this? And Sarah […]

Chapter 19: Off To The Park – Part 2

Part 2 of the park … Daisy is taking a break from talking to Lucas and doing her extra credit for school. Maisy met a new friend, his name is Davis. Maddie is playing on the pirate ship with another little girl. I would tell you her name but is seems Maddie didn’t ask it. […]

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