Mint – Chapter 19: End of an Era

After the goings on last night... Peppermint is expecting a baby again! Sergio didn't take the news very well. Oh no! Sergio is not at all happy about becoming a father again. Well, he does hate children. While her parents are arguing. Rosie is blissfully unaware. Peppermint took Sergio outside to give him a talking [...]

Mint – Chapter 18: Afternoon Nanny and New House

While everyone is off at work... Rosabella has a Nanny. She seems happy to see her. It's time to build some skills. Rosabella is getting quite a high speaking skill. Parents are back from work and I'd like to introduce their new house! They have decided to move to Willow Creek. They now have a [...]

Mint – Chapter 17: Toddler Cuteness

It's Peppermint's day off and she has decided to spend the day... Causing Mischief... I feel sorry for her newest victim. One of her favourites. Meanwhile, Rosabella is giving her Dragon toy some love. Isn't she just the cutest! It's time for some Mother-Daughter bonding time... Get ready for some adorableness! It's time for some [...]

Mint – Chapter 16: Ghostly Adventure

It's a Monday morning in the Not So Berry Household ... Rosabella is enjoying playing on her Wabbit Tablet before breakfast. It's Sergio's Birthday! "Happy Birthday to you!" The face of realisation that your another year older. Peppermint is off to work and has discovered this weird tree stump ... In other news, she has [...]

Chapter 1.19: Scary Computer

The following day is Kayson's day off, Talia has the day off too. It begins with Darcy's bath time. Spatula is demanding some attention. It's breakfast for Darcy and time for some work for Kayson. He is writing some children's books for Darcy when she's older. Talia is doing some work on her garden. Meanwhile, [...]

Chapter 1.17: Birthday Bash

Let the Birthday party begin. Talia is thanking her friends for coming and telling jokes. Time for some dancing! Blowing out the Birthday Candles!! They're celebrating, Jade is leading the Happy Birthday Song. The face of realization that you are now a little older. Jade and Miko are digging in. Talia is playing video games [...]

Chapter 1.16: Sleepy Cat and Off To Work

This morning we witnessed a rarely experienced event ... Kayson playing with Spatula. It doesn't happen very often but it is so cute. Kayson is also the first one up so he's in-charge of dealing with baby Darcy this morning. Oh so very cute. It's later on in the day and Talia is back from [...]

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