Chapter 24: Lots of Hobbies and Meeting Morti

It's the weekend in Willow Creek and November is playing some chess... by herself. Monty is chatting to some friends online and taking selfies. Oh Monty, what happened to you? Maddie on the other hand is missing her older sisters so has decided to play video games with them online. Sarah is playing on the [...]

Chapter 23: Back Again and Maisy’s Cat

The 100 Baby Challenge is back again... and begins with the Feng twins doing homework. Sarah is making friends online, and Inquisitive Cherry is working on her imagination skill. Sarah and Maddie are having dinner. Then challenge each other to a video gaming match. November has decided to try out Daisy's old piano. She needs [...]

Mint – Chapter 26: Toddler Tommy and Fire at Work

Today is an important day... It's Tommy's Birthday! Look at him, he still looks cute even with the green hair. A makeover is needed and here he is. I think he is the cutest thing. Anyway, Back to Peppermint and she is off to work experimenting. She has made a Rose Perfume Serum and, after [...]

Mint – Chapter 25: Void-critters and Evil Laugh

Good Morning... And Peppermint has woken up very stinky. Rosie hasn't and has decided to train her new void-critter. Level up! Now off to school with you. Peppermint is eating cake for breakfast today... I may or may not have forgotten her birthday and I'm only allowing her to eat this as an I'm sorry [...]

Mint – Chapter 24: Baby Brother and New Best Friend

On Tuesday morning at around 6 am ... Peppermint went into Labour... And I'd like to introduce Thomas Pastel, or Tommy for short. While her mother has a baby in the next room, Rosie is getting ready for her first day at school. Rosie meeting Tommy... I think she approves of her new Baby Brother. [...]

Mint – Chapter 23: The Freeze Ray and Rosie’s Birthday

Monday Morning and ... Trolling the forums before work. Just like old times. Off to work and Peppermint has her Freeze Ray. Poor unsuspecting co-worker. Frozen! Peppermint is back experimenting. (The frozen person in the background is her second victim of the day) I wonder what she's creating. Back from work and I think you [...]

Mint – Chapter 22: Rosie’s Best Day Ever

It's Sunday and Peppermint has decided to take Rosabella to the park. Rosie seems excited ... The first thing she does is find the playground and starts pretending she's a space-ranger. Peppermint, on the other hand, makes some veggie dogs. Apparently I forgot to check her hunger need. Rosie is practically dragged away from the [...]

Mint – Chapter 21: An Average Evening

An average evening in the Pastel household... Starts with dinner. Then bath time ... With Mummy. Then it's play time? That's if you call playing with the TV Remote play time. While Mummy does some experimenting. Then it's time for a bedtime story. Mummy 'aka Peppermint' then gets some time to herself and watches some [...]

Mint – Chapter 20: Homey Day

After Sergio moved out, Peppermint decided to redecorate the house a little. I think it looks a lot better. Peppermint is working on her logic skill. She is now level 7. Rosie loves her new dollhouse... She's always playing with it and I don't mind because she is too cute! Peppermint has decided to pick [...]

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