Chapter 1.20: New House

Today is an exciting day! But first, Darcy is playing on her Tablet. And Talia has left to go on a morning jog. It’s potty training time! Kayson had a lie in today and is only just getting himself some breakfast. Talia, on the other hand is watching the comedy channel.   Teaching Darcy is […]

Chapter 1.19: Scary Computer

The following day is Kayson’s day off, Talia has the day off too. It begins with Darcy’s bath time. Spatula is demanding some attention. It’s breakfast for Darcy and time for some work for Kayson. He is writing some children’s books for Darcy when she’s older. Talia is doing some work on her garden. Meanwhile, […]

Chapter 1.18: Silly Munchkin

Today is Darcy’s Birthday… One last cuddle from baby Darcy. And here she is! Darcy has the Silly trait which seems fitting. First steps!! And this is her new room … It’s too cute! Anyway dinner is served and then it’s off to bed. And yes, I gave her a make over … She needed […]

Chapter 1.17: Birthday Bash

Let the Birthday party begin. Talia is thanking her friends for coming and telling jokes. Time for some dancing! Blowing out the Birthday Candles!! They’re celebrating, Jade is leading the Happy Birthday Song. The face of realization that you are now a little older. Jade and Miko are digging in. Talia is playing video games […]

Chapter 1.16: Sleepy Cat and Off To Work

This morning we witnessed a rarely experienced event … Kayson playing with Spatula. It doesn’t happen very often but it is so cute. Kayson is also the first one up so he’s in-charge of dealing with baby Darcy this morning. Oh so very cute. It’s later on in the day and Talia is back from […]

Chapter 1.15: Little Princess

Today, is a very important day in the Harlow Household … I bet you know what this face means. Kayson does! It’s Baby Time! Introducing, Darcy Harlow, their Little Princess. Mummy and Baby bonding time. Kayson is meeting his daughter … I am so happy for them. This couple deserves an evening treat … Off […]

Chapter 1.14: Starring Spatula

The Harlow’s are back… Last night ended with a living room dance party and… Spatula, who didn’t take part, has decided to lie in this morning. This is the face you pull when you realize everybody forgot your birthday. Sorry Kayson, maybe I’ll remember next time. Talia has decided to give Spatula a sweater, She […]

Chapter 1.13: Vet Trip and Baby News

Spatula already seems to love her new home … She does seem to have a fascination with siting on counters though. Breakfast is served. Talia is expecting!!! There is going to a little nooboo running around! I’m so excited. I’m not sure if he is happy or scared. Maybe a bit of both. Spatula is […]

Chapter 1.12: New Family Member and Date Night

The Talia cooking photos continue. Talia took a trip to Brindleton Bay for an afternoon walk … She met this adorable cat. She is very cute and her name is Spatula … I think it’s a sign … Welcome Spatula, Talia’s first ever pet. (Yes I adopted her just because her name is Spatula) In […]

Chapter 1.11: Gyms, Pools and Cute Cats

On her next day off, Talia is having a lot of fun … First consists of going to the pool and practicing some diving. It isn’t all fun and games though. If you break the sink, you fix it. Kayson is back from work. Not sure if that face is because of a bad day […]

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