Mint – Chapter 32: Struck By Lightening

It’s the day before Harvestfest… And Rosie is starting off the day with a plate of pancakes. Tommy, whose birthday is tomorrow, is looking as cute as ever. Peppermint heads off to work and it’s material collection day. Also it’s during a thunderstorm so… Well, this happened. She got struck by lightening. She doesn’t look […]

Mint – Chapter 31: Mourning Paul and Fashion Disaster

Today is Monday… And it’s the first day back at work since Paul died. Peppermint isn’t doing too good. In other news Rosie is looking forward to today because her and Raylan have planned to release the gerbils in the classroom. Anyway, Peppermint arrives at work and this is the person who greets her at […]

Mint – Chapter 30: Bowling Fun and Celebrity Hugs

Thomas loves playing with toys and has a very active imagination… Tommy with his tentacle friend are going to spend the evening at daycare. Rosie is playing on the monkey bars while she waits for Peppermint to get ready. As the two of them are going bowling. Peppermint wants to have some girly time with […]

Mint – Chapter 29: Toddler Farts And Void-critter Battles

Weekends are everyone’s favourite time of the week. And Rosie is starting off the day with caring for her sick teddy. Peppermint is making some breakfast. Pancakes anyone? Rosie invited round her new friend Brynlee Feng. She is Raylan’s twin sister. Thomas woke up and he begins the day with a morning fart… how lovely […]

Mint – Chapter 28: Park Play-date and Newly BFF’s

Saturday Morning and… Tommy is enjoying his spaghetti. Pulling funny faces in the mirror this morning, Rosie is working on her newest jokes so she can try them out on Raylan when they hang out at the park today. There’s just enough time to give this little stinker a bath before they head off. Working […]

Mint – Chapter 27: Tommy And Nanny Kaye’s Day Of Fun

It’s Friday Morning and Rosie has already left for school; Peppermint is on her way to work and Tommy, well he has been left in the capable hands of Nanny Kaye (You might recognise her, she was Rosie’s Nanny too). Thomas doesn’t look very happy, lets hope Nanny Kaye can cheer him up. A little […]

Chapter 28: Fun In The Sun and Goth Baby

The first day of summer, and November is spending it on her computer, writing. Sarah has decided to the start the day off with a much deserved relaxing bath. Cherry is getting a jump start on her school work. Sarah and Cherry are trying out the new swing set. And it’s the triplets breakfast time. […]

Chapter 27: Sarah and Cherry’s Day At The Park

The weekend is upon us once again and it’s the last day of Spring. Cherry is starting the day off with potty training and at this point, she’s totally over it. Sarah is eating breakfast before getting dressed and taking Cherry to the park. Cherry is enjoying the dollhouse. While Sarah has a go at […]

Chapter 26: Love Day and The Feng’s Freedom

It’s Love Day… and early this morning November gave birth to triplets, Alexis, Abigail and Adrien. Sarah here is working on her charisma skills before leaving for school. November has wasted no time in inviting Mortimer over and well she’s pregnant again already. After Mortimer left, November decided to go into Windenburg today and introduced […]

Chapter 25: Three A’s and Three Babies??

It’s Monday morning here in Willow Creek… And Sarah didn’t do her homework yesterday so she got up at 6am to complete it. Once the kids had left for school, all hoping for A’s, November got up and decided to do some painting. Cherry also woke up and demanded breakfast. She was angry before she […]

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