It’s the day before Harvestfest…

Mint - 32A

And Rosie is starting off the day with a plate of pancakes.

Mint - 32B

Tommy, whose birthday is tomorrow, is looking as cute as ever.

Mint - 32C

Peppermint heads off to work and it’s material collection day. Also it’s during a thunderstorm so…

Mint - 32D

Well, this happened. She got struck by lightening.

Mint - 32E

She doesn’t look at all happy about it.

Mint - 32F

After what happened outdoors, I let her have some fun by transforming an object.

Mint - 32G

A simple mysims trophy becomes…

Mint - 32H

a pile of rubble, how nice.

Mint - 32I

It seems the odd fashion is continuing.

Mint - 32J

Peppermint is continuing the collecting, now that the rain has stopped.

Mint - 32K

It looks like it’s snowing, while Peppermint fishes. What a good way to end the day.

Mint - 32L

Back home and Peppermint is enjoying spending some time with Toddler Tommy.

Mint - 32M

Also she’s helping Rosie with her homework.

Mint - 32N

Tommy is happily playing with a new toy that came in the mail from one of Peppermint’s co-workers as an early birthday present.

Mint - 32O

Rosie invited around another new friend. This time in the form of Brent and Brant Hecking’s adopted son, Kai. They really get along great.

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