Today is Monday…

Mint - 31A

And it’s the first day back at work since Paul died. Peppermint isn’t doing too good.

Mint - 31B

In other news Rosie is looking forward to today because her and Raylan have planned to release the gerbils in the classroom.

Mint - 31C

Anyway, Peppermint arrives at work and this is the person who greets her at the front desk.

Mint - 31D

Willie is also looking spectacularly weird.

Mint - 31E

Peppermint cannot hold in her laughter.

Mint - 31F

Though when she gets to work, she starts to remember that Paul isn’t here and begins to tear up.

Mint - 31G

But don’t worry Willie’s here to cheer her up.

Mint - 31H

Rosie and Raylan are back from school and are celebrating their success at scaring their teacher and fellow classmates.

Mint - 31I

Peppermint is still upset about Paul.

Mint - 31J

Rosie is getting on with some homework.

Mint - 31K

While Peppermint is eating some vegetable chilli on the floor by the fridge. You do you Peppermint.

Mint - 31L

Uh Oh, Baby Tommy woke from a nightmare…

Mint - 31M

Peppermint to the rescue with a bedtime story.

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