Thomas loves playing with toys and has a very active imagination…

Mint - 30A

Tommy with his tentacle friend are going to spend the evening at daycare.

Mint - 30B

Rosie is playing on the monkey bars while she waits for Peppermint to get ready.

Mint - 30C

As the two of them are going bowling. Peppermint wants to have some girly time with Rosie before Tommy ages up.

Rosie is up first and…

Mint - 30D


Mint - 30E

She’s a natural.

Mint - 30F

Peppermint only knocks down one pin.

Mint - 30G

She isn’t at all happy about it. Peppermint watch your language, there are children here.

Mint - 30H

Rosie misses completely.

Mint - 30I

Maybe I was wrong. It must have been beginners luck.

Mint - 30J

Peppermint hit something!

Mint - 30K

She’s giving herself a round of applause.

Mint - 30L

Rosie won the game. Peppermint congratulates her.

Mint - 30M

Rosie then disappears upstairs. There is a celebrity here. Rosie asks her for a hug and she is more than happy to hug a young fan.

Mint - 30N

Peppermint on the, other hand, has grabbed a drink from the bar. She just had a sad phone call… Her friend Paul has died. He was her first friend.

Mint - 12J

Here he is feeling her belly when she was pregnant with Rosie. Poor Peppermint… She’s going to miss seeing him at work everyday.

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