Weekends are everyone’s favourite time of the week.

Mint - 29A

And Rosie is starting off the day with caring for her sick teddy.

Mint - 29B

Peppermint is making some breakfast. Pancakes anyone?

Mint - 29C

Rosie invited round her new friend Brynlee Feng. She is Raylan’s twin sister.

Mint - 29D

Thomas woke up and he begins the day with a morning fart… how lovely Tom.

Mint - 29E

He finds it very funny.

Mint - 29F

Mint - 29G

Brynlee is doing an impression of her mother. Apparently she gets angry when Raylan and Bryn leave their clothes on the floor.

Mint - 29H

Bryn and Rosie are both obsessed with void-critters so they decide to battle it out.

Mint - 29I

Bryn thought she was winning…

Mint - 29J

But Rosie surprised her with a strong attack. Rosie won!

Mint - 29K

While the kids play, Peppermint is doing some experimenting. This logic still is proving to be harder to level up than she first thought.

Mint - 29L

After Bryn was called home to help her brother clean their shared bedroom, and Tommy was put down for a nap; Rosie asked her Mum if she could teach her how to play chess.

Mint - 29M

Peppermint was very excited about her daughters interest in something she loved to do and in her excitement…

Mint - 29N

Rosie won the game! Peppermint thought she won but Rosie’s like, No Mum.

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