Saturday Morning and…

Mint - 28A

Tommy is enjoying his spaghetti.

Mint - 28B

Pulling funny faces in the mirror this morning, Rosie is working on her newest jokes so she can try them out on Raylan when they hang out at the park today.

Mint - 28C

There’s just enough time to give this little stinker a bath before they head off.

Mint - 28D

Working on her logic once again,

Mint - 28E

Only this time she has someone to play with.

Mint - 28F

While waiting for Raylan to make his appearance, Rosie met Phoenix. He seems nice.

Mint - 28G

Tommy brought his triceratops toy to the park with him and he is very happy about it.

Mint - 28H

Raylan is here!

Mint - 28I

Mint - 28J

The two decided to play pirate on the pirate ship.

Mint - 28K

Rosie asked him to come around her house before he went home. They became partners in crime and planned to release the gerbils at school on Monday.

Mint - 28L

They also became best friends forever!

Mint - 28M

And to finish off this chapter, I will leave you with this little man and his Tablet.

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