It’s Friday Morning and Rosie has already left for school; Peppermint is on her way to work and Tommy, well he has been left in the capable hands of Nanny Kaye (You might recognise her, she was Rosie’s Nanny too).

Mint - 27A

Thomas doesn’t look very happy, lets hope Nanny Kaye can cheer him up.

Mint - 27B

A little late, as always.

Mint - 27C

Breakfast for the baby,

Mint - 27D

Then it’s potty training time.

Mint - 27E

Words of encouragement from Nanny Kaye. Tommy then gets on his tablet and is working on his communication.

Mint - 27F

Soon enough, Rosie gets back from school and gets outside into the sunshine.

Mint - 27G

Nanny Kaye is watching some TV…

Mint - 27H

While Tommy is playing with his blocks…

Mint - 27I

And, Uh Oh. Rosie!

Mint - 27J

Nanny Kaye is playing with Tommy just before Peppermint gets back from work. I’m going to miss him being a toddler when he ages up.

Mint - 27K

Peppermint is still working on that logic skill.

Mint - 27L

Rosie has decided to invite her current closest friend over for a chat.

Mint - 27M

Raylan Feng was happy to hang out with her. I think these two are going to be friends for a long time.

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