It’s Love Day…


and early this morning November gave birth to triplets, Alexis, Abigail and Adrien.


Sarah here is working on her charisma skills before leaving for school.


November has wasted no time in inviting Mortimer over and well she’s pregnant again already.


After Mortimer left, November decided to go into Windenburg today and introduced herself to some passing men.


She shared the Love Day spirit with practically any men that walked past.


She got back home just before Sarah returned from school. She wouldn’t suspect a thing (Sarah’s judgemental eyes are pretty unnerving now she’s a teen).


Anyway, Sarah is back and is a great help with toddler Cherry.


November is getting herself acquainted with some more men. And why are their cold weather clothes so ridiculous?


While her mother talks to men on the corner of the street, Sarah is looking after her siblings. I’m so proud of her.

In other news, you’re probably wondering where Monty and Maddie ended up…


Monty moved to the big city and lives across the street from his brothers.


He has decided he wants to learn to cook and is pursuing a career in politics.


He also has a unhealthy obsession with video games but so does Jamie.


Maddie on the other hand has moved to a  small cottage in Brindleton Bay.


She is saving up money for her own puppy.


She has really gotten into comedy and loves to watch her favourite comedians, one day she’ll have a bigger TV.


She has also found herself a job in business. She’ll be a CEO in no time.

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