It’s Monday morning here in Willow Creek…


And Sarah didn’t do her homework yesterday so she got up at 6am to complete it.


Once the kids had left for school, all hoping for A’s, November got up and decided to do some painting.


Cherry also woke up and demanded breakfast. She was angry before she started eating.


November also had some fun fishing. This time she caught a tuna fish.


Cherry is working on her skills.


The others are back from school and they all have A’s! Monty is up first and has added the Kleptomaniac trait to his collection.


Maddie acquired the vegetarian trait to hers. Monty and Maddie are moving out. Look out for an update on where these two ended up.


Last but not least, it’s Sarah’s turn and she has the Cheerful trait and the Friend of the World aspiration.


Now a teenager, Sarah is looking beautiful. I’m glad she takes after her Mum more than her Dad.


Now with a relatively quiet house, November is spending this time to upgrade the kitchen sink.


Caleb, you creep, go away. I know your a Vampire and everything but seriously.


It’s around 4am in the morning and November woke up starving. Plus she went into labour but she insists she must finish her breakfast first.


Triplets!!! Was not at all expecting that. From left to right, Alexis, Abigail and Adrien Vatore. And as their father is a vampire, you never know, we could have some baby Vamps on our hands.

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